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Jay chose the stage name Trinity because it represents the Spiritual (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), the Natural (mind, spirit, soul), plus Trinity was delivered from the streets of Trinity Garden. Trinity began rapping for the Lord in 2002; he totally submitted and allowed the Lord to use him. Trinity first ministered what the Lord had given him at his home church, Ebenezer House of Prayer COGIC. There his church family were very supportive and encouraging, (Thanks a million Ebenezer, Pastor Samuel Mingo).

Trinity has also ministered at the first annual Roc Tha Mic for Christ concert (2005) other churches and different organizations. Trinity can’t speak for others, but one thing the Lord has shown him is that you must walk the walk and not merely talk the talk. What Trinity does with the message God has giving him is take everyday situations (good or bad) and show others how the Lord will work them out if you trust and allow him too.

Trinity has always knew of the Lord due to his upbringing, but before 2001 he was “Stuck in his Ways” doing what he wanted to do. After being fed up with meaningless materials and false information Trinity began his search for something real, he was searching for what was missing in his life, and of course that was a relationship with Jesus Christ. After starting his journey, the Lord began to show him how to minister to his peers and that was through music (Rap Music). The Lord is continuously teaching Trinity and he’s still willing to learn and put in work. It’s K.O.G. for life and there’s no turning around now. (Kingdom Of God)

Trinity was born and raised in Houston, TX. He has eight brothers (RIP D) and two sisters. Trinity grew up in Trinity Garden with both of his parents, and even as a child Trinity was taught how to endure different trails and tribulations. The streets of the Garden became a little too rough, so Trinity’s parents up rooted and moved to Northwest Houston, After a couple of months Trinity’s parents moved completely from North Houston relocating in Southwest Houston and Trinity lived the rest of his teenage years on the South side of Houston, TX.

By the blessing of God Trinity finished high school in 1999. He graduated from Barbara Jordan High School for Careers. Now as a man of God Trinityworks full time for the Lord, has a beautiful wife and a handsome son. He’s truly blessed.

Trinity is currently under the leadership of Apostle C.D. Boulden at R.E.A.L. Ministries 5050  Griggs Rd. "Real Men And Women Expressing God’s Amazing Love" at which he serves as Youth Pastor.

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