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"Weather The Storm" Lyrics

Chorus:                “You gotta weather the storm… (Pivotal & Lady Ro)

                                   “The storms gone come, but they can’t last,

                                         The gone blow, the waves gone crash

                                              Issues come fast, God move slow,

                                  But in the midst of the storm, watch how I grow…” x2


Trinity: I’m in a storm right now I cant man my ship/ I’m in a storm right now I need the manuscript/ On the cool I’m bout to flip who got my script/             Somebody call Walgreen but they aint got my script/ I need a praise on my lips, but its hard to see/ Can’t believe I’m actually crying cause yah boy’s a G/ Ooh Wee, who me man the pressure gets heavy/ So much weight on my shoulders can’t keep it steady/ I’m suppose to be ready always copasetic/ I’m in the midst of the valley deep down in the belly/ Cant really work my jelly and I’m closterphobic / These issues crowding my space The Lord He wont hold me/ I’m feeling like he owe me I been holding it down/ Been in church a whole month, yeah been holding it down…




Blessed Child: April 4th I lost my job man they laid me off/ Didn’t get a check in a month they didn’t pay me off/ But I’m still striving even though the storms rising/ These trials and tribulations only make me stronger/ The devil wanna see me dead walking with pneumonia/ I been healed I bind this thing in Jesus’ Name/ I’m more than a conquer man I’ve overcame/ Like Michael Jordan mayne yeah I come to win the game/ I play hard pushing hard like Lebron James/ I rep the kingdom mayne lead us not to be ashamed/ Praises goes up blessings come down/ Filled with the Holy Ghost they cant hold me down/ Been around the globe been around the town/ Take my shoes off man this is Holy ground/ Dance like David they say I wouldn’t make it/ Dance like David they say I wouldn’t make it…


Urgency: Gotta weather the storm, seem like I been standing in it a minute/ The lighting flashing around me but I’m safe I aint tripping/ God allows pain so I can receive gain/Was gang banging and selling crack but yall things change/ Not saying I don’t go through cause I do as a Christian but God gives peace/ The storms gotta listen/ Listen up receive a seed in your heart/ Weather the storm just be still and know He God/ Gotta weather the weather in your life/ I know you impatient and frustrated but Jesus laid down his life/ so that we all can live life/ and live this life that life right/ just be cool that storm gone take flight/ I mean that, couldn’t speak it if I aint literately seen that/ God show up and show out in my life he the reason/ I can stand and take weather to the storm knowing that its for my better not my harm, I weathered the storm…


Poetic Prophet: Man hold up the sky’s looking gray again/ It’s starting to drizzle to a storm is on the way again/ Lucky for me I done learned from the last one/ Keep my faith in the Master and He will get me past it/ Done had rough days, no job, no money/ a house full of kids and we all hungry/ No lights no heat and its cold outside/ Thundering and lighting its bout to pour outside/ Keep my faith in the Lord and the days will get better/ God is my everything today He’s my umbrella/ Put me in a position where I can see the rain falling/ And I’m not getting wet because He’s taking all that/ Yeah keep going mayne, don’t stop/Cause after the storm you know the sun’s coming out/ Yeah keep going mayne, don’t stop/ Cause after the storm you know the sun’s coming out…..


Gospel: The bible says, that when the enemy comes in like a flood baby, that God will raise up a standard. So during every storm you need to look for the standard of God. Trust me, the bible says that a double minded man is unstable in all is ways, but baby I promise you that if you hold on God will give you some stability right in the middle of your storm. Praises be to Jesus.


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