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Lady Zion

Transformed into a "LADY"


Lady Zion was born Domonique Amber Lewis on July 8th, 1987, in her Hometown of New Iberia, La. She was raised by her mother and father up until she was 12 years old, her parents then divorced and her, her mom, and little brother moved to Youngsville, La. Domonique really took this as a new start, she grew up as a Jehovahs Witness, and loved GOD very much, but battled with self identity, lieing and theft. She moved to Youngsvilles seeking approval of her peers at Youngsville Middle School. Being bullied was apart of her past, and she was afraid to deal with the same thing, so Lady Z had to tuff up quick to gain respect from other kids that thought she was spoiled because of her  mannerisms. Moving on to high school she went through a tom boy stage, and decided one day to put on some make-up and do her hair, after plenty compliments, she started dating and  became involved with different guys. Looking for love in all the wrong places, after a guy attempted to rape her at the age of 17, clubbing 4 days out the week, abusing prescription drugs, and tampering with illegal drugs such as marijuana and codiene, she felt GOD was calling her to do something greater, she knew there was more worth living for. She moved to London, England with her first boyfriend, God called her back home, and met the love of her life, Mr. Marvin Davis, after 6 months of dating, they got married, went through stages of being homeless, and other marital battles. The 5th year of marriage, Lady Z was diagnosed with diabetes, and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Ty're Elijah Davis. Zion almost lost her life after 3 days in ICU fighting for her life, due to possible kidney failure. There are so many stories attatched to this young woman of GOD, but it would be too much for this bio. Later She met up with Mr. J. Dabney with Destine ii Shine Records, and an instant connection was made, he adopted her as his little sister, and has been her manager since 2013. Lady Z has never given up the good fight, and continues to spread the good news, knowing that her life is nothing short of her testimony!!

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