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Vision & Mission

Destine II Shine Records is a gospel label based in Houston, TX.  We are more than a recording label, we are a ministry first.  Therefore, our main objective is not to entertain but minister the word of God through our music.  We are here reaching out for lost and confused souls, and through our music we're revealing the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We minister in all areas in an attempt to reach souls where they are, be it holy hip hop, song, spoken word, dance, or just listening to the cries of God's people. Remember: "with God, everyone's Destine II Shine” - J. Dabney


Vision: Here at Destine II Shine Records our vision is to see lost and confused souls come to Christ.  We are focused on all, but we have a special mission to reach out for our kids.  Our goal is to bring the word of God in such a way that the kids can easily grasp.  To do so we are striving to bring forth the word of God where they are, through Christian Hip Hop (Rap Music), Song, Dance, spoken Word, and more.  Our vision not only includes seeing souls come to Christ, but planting a seed so deeply in their hearts to where they’ll commit to Christ and in turn bring others to Christ.


Mission:  At Destine II Shine Records we are on a serious mission to bring the Gospel not only to the Church but to the community (The Streets).  Our mission is to take our kids back and give them hope.  Not only give them hope, but a visible alternative to what the world has to offer them.  All talk with no action is worthless.

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