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Having shared the stage with artists and influeners such as Bushwick Bill, Ruff Ryders, Scarface, Lecrae, Bizzy Bone and many others, Kamo embraces opportunities to deliver; with the understanding that his responsibility is to not be seen yet live to be a voice of hope that is forever heard and forever resounds. 

"Everyone has a story but not everyone can articulate their story into a transparent blueprint for others to use as an instructional manual; what to avoid (that may appear good for you) but will ultimately destroy you..."

As a spokesman for organizations throughout the U.S., Kamo is strategically bringing about change within communities that are realistic and sustainable through his platform. 

"It's all about planting seeds, giving.  Money is being made hand over fist at the expense of children; especially through entertainment.  I can no longer be silent about it, while the masses manipulate it for profit." 


Don't Call Him a Rapper

"I consider myself a "resounding voice". Yes I am a lyricist and can rap but if you take away the track, the message and bars read and flow masterfully. I speak in schools, community townhalls, churches, organizations, clubs, etc. Wherever people are, I'm there; always with something of substance."

His long awaited debut solo album "Ultimate Sacrifice" under the label Crossroad Records, with producer/ composer Baby Ben, was nominated for a Grammy in 2012.

 His sophomore album, which is full of surprises, along with a compilation featuring some heavy hitters, is scheduled to release in 2022. 

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